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Debbies Miracles is presenting this privacy policy so as to inform the visitor that how do we collect personal information and how do we use this information. You must go through this privacy policy very carefully so as to know which type of information we collect.

Basically we connect two types of information; personal information and non-personal information. Personal information is that type of information that is personally identifiable for example, email address, name, contact number, etc.  Besides personal information, we may collect some non-personal information like we can track your IP address, your cookies and browser, etc. Some of this non-personal information is collected automatically and some of it is collected by your consent or permission. 

How we collect information?

In order to improve the services for our customers and visitors, we are engaged in letting two types of information about them. We collect personally identifiable information and we also collect non-personally identifiable information. The only purpose of collecting such information from our visitors is to provide them with efficient, smooth and customized experience with our website. 

We may sometimes be required by law enforcement to provide personally identifiable information to the concerned authorities. We will only disclose your personal information upon the receipt of a subpoena, court order, etc. We will have to provide this information for operating with law enforcement investigation. We also reserve the right to report to law enforcement agencies regarding any activities that we will find suspicious by our visitors. 

Also share non-personally identifiable information to third party Advertisers. Such non personal information may include traffic patterns, customer sales related site information but you should not get worried because we will not share personally identifiable information to any third party advertisers. 

Other sites are not covered by this policy:

It is to inform you that this privacy is only for the use and disclosure of information that we will be collecting from you. We may provide links to other websites in Debbies Miracles but it does not mean that this privacy policy covers those sites as well. Other sites that you will be accessing from here will have their own privacy policies and they will be having their own data collection, disclosure and use practices.

You must consult the privacy policy of those sites separately. We will not be responsible for practices for policies of third parties. Moreover, it is to inform you that the sites you will visit from our website may collect non-personally identifiable information about you.

Hence, you should visit any website advertised on Debbies Miracles or linked to our site on your own behalf as we will not be responsible for your mishap or conflict with those third parties. You should contact those sites directly if you have any concerns regarding the collection and use of information that they will be doing.

Security measures:

You should stay confident to visit Debbies Miracles because our web hosting company uses industrial standard encryption Technologies when receiving or transferring visitors’ information that is exchanged with our site. Our web hosting company ensures the security measures so as to avoid misuse or change of information that will have collected from the visitors at our site.

Web hosting company also provides security measures to protect against any loss of data or information. Although we trust our web hosting company but still we do not make any promises on their behalf with our visitors. We are not responsible for the actions or inactions made by our web hosting company.

Updates To the policy:

We may need to change or update this privacy policy and we reserve the right to make these changes at any time. We are not responsible for sending any notification to the visitors before updating our page. It is the responsibility of the visitors to check this privacy policy frequently so as to know if any changes have been made. 

We also have the right to update, remove or change the content present on the website without any prior notice to the visitors. Hence, you should be keen at the time of visiting the site so as to keep an eye on the changes made in Debbies Miracles

Terms of use:

Debbies Miracles is a website that is not directed to the children and it is not collecting any personal information from those who are less than 18 years old. If such a person who is less than 18 years old send any personal information to us online, we will directly respond to him and we will also notify his parents so that he as to seek parental consent.

All the stuff present on this website is related to adults. All types of health supplements being reviewed here are recommended to adults only. Hence, children should not waste their time by exploring the content present on this site. 


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