Results may vary

It is to inform you that the results of the product may differ from person to person. There are different factors involved in providing results for example your lifestyle and the level of fitness really matters. That’s why some people might be getting outstanding results while others might not be getting search results. Our products do not guarantee to provide equal results all individuals.

In no way, you will be responsible to blame us for the ineffectiveness of the product that you will be using. Your diet and your lifestyle really matters and if you will not be making positive changes in your lifestyle, then you should not be getting any results from the products in which we have been dealing. 


Information regarding ingredients or the composition of the products that we have been dealing in have been collected from the sites of manufacturing companies. Hence, we will not be responsible for any mistake in the ingredients description of these products. We have not been manufacturing those products by ourselves hence we have not personally evaluated ingredients of each product.


Entire information that you will see in a website is intended to educate only and it is in no way a substitute of a doctor or a medical healthcare provider. If you have any poor health condition or you have been suspecting any disease then you should consult a physician or a doctor rather than relying on information that we have been providing. Before making any certain dietary changes or before choosing any health product, you should always consult a doctor who can better suggest you.

You should not consider the information or the content provided by us as a diagnosis or treatment of any disease. If you will be doing so then you will be responsible by yourself or any harm to your health. In addition, we do not ensure authenticity, completeness and accuracy of the information that you will see on our website as we collect information regarding the products from third parties.


All the testimonials and claims mentioned in our site should not be considered as an implication of future results. All the testimonials and claims are just based on experience of a few individuals and there are chances that results will vary from person to person. Hence, you should not be expecting similar results as of those testimonials.

FDA Evaluation

We have not been manufacturing products but we have been supplying the products manufactured by other companies. We shortlist the products according to the reviews of the people but we have not personally tested those products. In fact, these products have not been evaluated by the FDA.

You should choose the products at your own risk as we will not guarantee about the effectiveness. Even the statements made about the products on our site have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration.


If you will be over consuming any product then you will be responsible for the harm by yourself. You are not supposed to use any product in excess because over consumption can provide adverse reaction for example it can cause nausea or allergic effects.

With every product, you will be getting information regarding the usage and dosage. You should not exceed that limit otherwise there are good chances that you will get side effects. In case you get allergic effects for any negative effect on your health by using any of the products mentioned in our website, you should immediately consult the doctor and you should discontinue the product.

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