6 Tips To Stay Healthy During Menopause

A woman is said to have reached menopause after more than 12 months since her last menstrual period and she appears with the Mexican woman with an average age of 48 years. This period marks the end of your reproductive phase and is usually accompanied by a number of symptoms including hot flashes, sleep problems, excessive sweating, mood swings including vaginal dryness.

This is explained by gynecologist Cuauhtemoc Celis, vice president of the Mexican Federation of Obstetrics and Gynecology Colleges, who also points out several steps that women can take to try this process as best they can. Here are some tips that doctors give to minimize the symptoms of menopause.

1. Exercise Most of the advice given to women to lead a good quality of life at this stage is related to healthy habits and one of the most important is exercise. Exercise helps release mood-fighting hormones and prevents a variety of diseases that increase your risk during menopause.

2. Stop smoking At this point in your life, a woman stops producing hormones that offer protection against certain diseases. In addition, the cigar increases the risk of contracting these diseases. Thus, by losing its protection, the cigar increases them even more. For this reason, it is advisable to leave it.

3. Have a balanced diet One of the diseases that increases your risk is the set of cardiovascular health related diseases, so it is recommended to reduce your fat intake. A balanced diet also helps to improve your overall health.

4. Consult a gynecologist. When menopause appears, the most important thing is to help a specialist who will advise you on how to perform this process. Every woman is different and needs personal treatment according to her needs, only the specialist can guide her.

5. Keep blood pressure under control At menopause, the risk of developing various diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, increases. Therefore, constant monitoring of blood pressure is recommended.

6. Leave Blood Glucose Control Proper blood glucose control is also essential at this stage to prevent the development of diabetes.

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